kultakurkut more like munakurkut
"well i’m an asshole" :D:D i’m at the other end of the scale, like i’ll honestly rather lie than hurt someone’s feelings :D

well i mean if someone asks my opinion i’d never lie but it’s not like i’m yelling at people on the street to change their clothes :D

but i don’t get why you feel the need to hurt someone’s feelings? it just seems so unnecessary??? it’s not like giving feedback on someone’s work so they can do it better, it’s just basically that person making themselves feel better?? don’t get it

well i’m an asshole but i think that if a person is doing their makeup or having their hair in a way that doesn’t suit them they should be told about it :D

people who can’t take negative feedback are so annoying

like someone tells them that their hair looks nice and they reply “thanks sweetheart i was really proud of how i turned out today”

but when someone tells them that the hairstyle doesn’t really suit them and they get all defensive like “well you’re just jealous !!!! also that was really mean”

there’s a spaceship from 1990’s in this episode

why does the netflix summary of all star trek episodes spoil the ending

i feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day

but i found a way to save time

if i don’t watch salkkarit from tv but from katsomo instead i save ten minutes because of the commercial breaks

Wait but time travel doesn’t work like this

I’m so annoyed

Sep 01

what the fuck


365 films challenge: Star Trek (2009)

To boldly go where no one has gone before.